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The DTS series is ideal for various testing needs in manufacturing and operational contexts. This system combines digital, analog, and RF testing capabilities with specialized functions for video, input/output, and high power testing. It features a powerful computer system with high-performance components, and extensive storage.

Key features include advanced measurement tools like digital multimeters and oscilloscopes, a comprehensive power management system with programmable DC and AC units, and a dynamic digital subsystem for diverse testing scenarios. The stimulus subsystem offers high-quality function generators and converters, while the switching subsystem provides flexible options for different testing needs.

Video interface capabilities support multiple formats, and the communication subsystem includes interfaces for avionics, serial, and Ethernet communications. Software support includes DEICO Test Planner, LabView, LabWindows, C++, and NI Teststand, with options for sequential testing, customizable GUIs, and efficient diagnostic operations.

DTS series stands out for its adaptability, extensive range of testing functions, with sophisticated software and hardware integration.