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Battery Management System (BMS) Test Products

12 CH Battery Cell Simulator

DE3000 12 CH Battery Cell Simulator is a 12-channel instrument which enables safe, efficient, and accurate simulation of a wide range of battery pack and cell conditions. DE3000 provides 12 individually controlled simulated cells and several auxiliary analog and digital I/O channels. Onboard computing ability allows the unit to simulate various custom battery profiles and conditions. Multiple units can be connected in series to simulate battery packs that have higher number of batteries.
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The general features of DE3000 are listed below:

  • 1U rack-mountable instrument designed to meet all the testing requirements of battery-sensitive products
  • 12 independent cell channels
  • Up to 5V and 500mA source and sink capability per channel
  • 1600 VDC isolation
  • Auxiliary analog and digital I/O connections
  • Ethernet, USB, EtherCAT, and high-speed CAN control interfaces are available for remote control and configuration
  • Easy control via our user-friendly DEICO Battery Simulator Control Panel
  • Fast integration into existing software environments with the provided API library

Areas of application include:

  • HIL Testing
  • BMS validation, verification, and production testing
  • Testing any battery-sensitive electronic device
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