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DE5000 provides all the necessary data for external electronic systems through NMEA0183 and custom format messages, with flexible and independent settings. The system includes a Control and Display Unit, where users can view navigation and satellite information, as well as control the device settings. It also includes critical functions like MOB/GOTO and can accurately determine a ship's position by resolving radio beacon messages on land using DGPS. Suitable for harsh conditions with the support of Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA). Overall, this system meets all the navigation requirements of any vessel with accurate and secure measurements.
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DE5000 has a display and keypad on the front panel, which allows operators to select different usage codes, prov ide and confirm information, display results, and show basic scanning and satellite information. The keypad includes ON/OFF, Zeroize, MOB, GOTO, and DIM functions. Additionally, two custom function keys can be added upon request.

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